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Deer Velvet

Formulated from a special blend of pure natural Manuka Honey and pure Velvet Deer Antler, Velvet Honey is considered by those who take it to be an excellent natural healer and tonic.

Velvet Honey provides an excellent way to give your body access to essential trace elements and minerals plus the world renowned benefits of New Zealand’s unique Manuka Honey.


Velvet Deer Antler

The traditional Chinese medicine with 2000 years history.

Deer Antler has long been known for its medicinal properties with documentation in China going back 2000 years. Velvet Antler is a rich source of calcium, iron and protein.

Chemical analysis of the whole Deer Antler indicates the presence of at least 5 phospholipids. The phospholipids detected consist mostly of lecithin and cephalin. Lecithin is normally produced in the liver and is involved in cholesterol breakdown. Also detected in Velvet Antler were a total of 7 steroids including oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone, all the essential amino acids, a number of neutral and amino sugars and a wide range of fatty acids.

Scientific studies conducted in Japan, Russia and New Zealand indicate there is experimental evidence to suggest Velvet Antler may be very beneficial for general well being. In these studies Velvet Antler increased dynamic activity in athletes, supported healthy blood pressure, was beneficial in reducing the effects of stress and supported joint mobility. Velvet Antler is also considered beneficial for joint health supporting healthy blood circulation, and support during the menopause in women.

The trace elements and minerals that occur in Velvet Antler are:

117.5 (47%)
30.0 (12%)
13.0 (5.5%)
0.12 (480 ppm)
0.016 (65 ppm)
0.0025 (10 ppm)


Popular Misconceptions About Deer Velvet

Although Velvet Antler has been around for 2000 years in China, it is the victim of several misleading myths in the Western world.

“Deer Velvet is just an aphrodisiac”(not true).

The most common use for Deer Velvet in Chinese culture is for general well-being and good health. Deer Velvet is commonly prescribed by Chinese Doctors for pregnant women, children and the elderly. However it has long been known that Deer Velvet increases vitality and stamina.

“It is the ‘Velvet’- like fur on the outside of the newly growing antler which is used” (not true).

In fact the ‘Velvet’ is the only part not used, it is removed and discarded. What is used is all the rest of the antler when it is in the “soft” stage.

“It is cruel to remove a stags antler” (not true).

Antler removal is done by trained people using anaesthetic and surgical procedures under the supervision of a veterinarian. Each stag reproduces a new set of antlers every year regardless of whether they have been removed, and will do so for up to 15 years.


Scientific Studies

Scientific studies of New Zealand VELVET DEER ANTLER conducted between 1993 and September 1997 at Invermay Research Centre, show conclusively that “VELVET” has major health benefits in at least four main areas.

Dr’s Jim Suttie and Stephen Haines and their team of researches have now proved what our customers have been saying for three years – that DEER VELVET is good for you.

  • Studies show VELVET has a positive and in some cases potent health benefits in:
  • Support for the immune system
  • Stamina and growth
  • Protection from free radical damage
  • Joint mobility

You can now take your “VELVET HONEY” safe in the knowledge that New Zealand scientists support our numerous Customer Testimonials.


2 x 500g Velvet Honey
2 x 500g pots approx 4 months
supply at 1 teaspoon per day

2 x 100 Capsules
2 x 100 capsules is over 3 months
supply at 1- 2 capsules per day


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